In the delta of the Mississippi River, there's a particular legend folks'll tell you if you butter 'em up enough, pertaining to ol' Robert Kelly, the great coding legend. The old stories say that if an aspiring code monkey waits by the side of the old deserted country crossroads in the dark of a moonless night, at the stroke of midnight, none other than the Devil himself might pay a visit. Well, they say as a young man, Robert must have met Ol' Scratch at those crossroads for one reason or another. Robert handed over his netbook, and the Devil tweaked his .emacs file before belting out a Hello World in a language so evil and twisted, no mortal dares give it proper documentation. Folks say from that day forward, Robert Kelly coded like nobody ever coded before.

Well as for myself, I don't put much credence in legends... Heh heh heh...

Rob "Peas n Cabbage" Kelly is a pretty neat teenage mutant ninja programmer. Rob "Modicum of Creativity" Kelly's skills include damn fine coding, damn fine styling, being able to make a burrito out of damn near anything, indian-giving, the crude arts, and Super Mario Kart. If you look up "cool" in the Oxford English Dictionary, you'll find the definition of the word "cool", which Rob "Bizarre Nickname" Kelly is. If you want to ask Rob "the" Kelly about anything, aim your high-frequency electronic mail cannons towards

rkelly [at] cs [dot] nmt [dot] edu